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  CULTIVATION The Keys to Taste  

The effort made by the Jimenez family has established the Moraila site as a clear instance of integrated production according to a balance between a continous production of high quality foods and the use of methods which are concerned about the enviromment. 

To obtain a pure ecologycal fruit, It is paid special atttention to the very beginning of the proccess, the tree. A virus control takes place which provokes a fight amongst the different kinds of virus, in order to avoid the chemicals spraying as less as possible.

The keys os the success of the olive`s oil of "Los vergeles de Moraila" have a notorious And a careful hand-made picking when the olives are in the accurate ripeness.

Once the olives have been selected they are carried to the mill and they are ground the same day of the picking through the cold centrifugal system ( 25 degrees). The different olives variety are collected and been ground separately to obtain the three types of oil. The olive«s juice settles in the cellar where it qualities improve until it is bottled.

    You can find us in:
Crta. Nacional 340 Km 485.5 
04200 - TABERNAS (Almería) SPAIN
Phone/Fax: 950 525791

We grow three varieties of olive:

Arbequina Olive
This variety is considered to be resistant to the cold, with a good fat yield and excellent oil quality, although the oil is not very stable. The small size of the fruit makes mechanical harvesting difficult.

Hojiblanca Olive
This variety has two applications and is considered appropriate for "Californian" type curing due to its firm flesh. The oil content of the fruits is low, although the quality is good.

Picual Olive
This variety is much appreciated for its early maturation, high productivity, high fat yield and easy cultivation. The oil is remarkable for its high oleic acid content.