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  HISTORY An Orchard in the Desert  

Panoramic view of Finca Moraila

The first thing the moorish king Aben-Humeya beheld when arriving Tabernas was the predominating powerful castle of all the province. When he was walking into these paths he discovered the governor Mozairel land's richness, a truly oasis in the middle of desert. Aben Humeya was overwhelmed contemplating the vast olive groves and the elm trees which grew around a clear water lake.

Morairel opened his castle to his distinguished guest who soon got used to this orchard«s comfort, the one he was shown by Moraila, the host's daughter. The beautiful moorish-christian Aben's lover, she showed him the wonderful places of the paradise she lived in.

The moorish king succumbed to the charming princess, then they stayed together in this orchard where their romance is still remembered. It's been 500 years since all happened, and now -a-days the Moraila site has become one of the largest sites of Europe, here it is manufactured a high quality olive's oil of just 0'1 of acidity. This great olive grove embraces 600 hectares of sunny land.

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